Alton, New Hampshire
bluestone patio
native sod
smart irrigation system
landscape lighting
bluestone steps
granite veneer stone
permeable pavers
electric heat driveway

Located on the peak of a ledge in Alton, New Hampshire, this landscape was designed to maximize the use of multiple spaces while enjoying many breathtaking views of surrounding mountains. This landscape project had a number of initial goals including generous entertainment spaces, stability through the use of native plantings, and stormwater management, all while seamlessly mending with the existing natural features throughout the property. Guests are welcomed by a permeable paver driveway that is maintained by electric radiant heat mats during the winter months. While steep, the lakeside patio spaces are easily accessible through a meandering set of bluestone steps and railings. The lakeside slopes are stabilized with native plants providing color and interest throughout all seasons of the year. During the evening hours, this property comes alive with landscape lighting that glows amongstĀ the woodwork, gardens, and pathways. This landscape is a perfect example of how usable a challenging property can be with the thoughtful design creations.

62 Moultonborough Neck Road
Moultonborough, NH 03254
Garden Center
63 Whittier Highway
Moultonborough, NH 03254