Dedicated Account Management

Each client will have a dedicated Account Manager in place to ensure a successful relationship with SLP.   Your Account Manager will be responsible for understanding your vision for your property, the needs of your property and your budget.  Once this is understood, they will work with you to develop a customized maintenance package.  In addition to recurring services, an Account Manager is there to provide a direct line of communication, facilitate projects, offer one-time solutions and seasonal enhancements.

Your Property. One Company. One Point of Contact


Restore your property each spring and prepare it for the growing season.  During this service you will notice the SLP difference with deep, distinctive bed edges.  A spring cleanup also includes the removal of branches and debris, pruning of winter damaged trees and shrubs, and the de-thatching of turf areas.  This is also an opportunity to remove winter sand, driveway stakes, and repair any plow damage to the turf. This service is performed once a year.


Over time, nutrient levels in soils naturally become depleted.  Ensure your trees and shrubs get the appropriate nutrients to maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance all summer long with the application of a slow release, high nitrogen fertilizer to encourage new growth and vibrant blooms.  This service is performed once a year.


Refresh your garden beds with an application of mulch.  Mulch beds help to give your property a neat appearance.  Aside from being aromatic and aesthetically pleasing, a thin layer of mulch helps with moisture retention, nutrient retention, and limits weed growth.  We use a blower truck to achieve a smooth, uniform application.  Most property owners prefer to have new mulch installed annually.


This is a customized monthly garden program that provides visits from May to October to maintain the health & appearance of the beds and ornamental plants.  This includes the timely pruning and deadheading of trees, perennials and shrubs.  This service is provided throughout the year.


Maintaining a proper mowing height of  2.0″ – 2.5″ is essential for maintaining a lawn that is healthy, tolerant to drought, and resistant to weeds.  Mowing height varies based on site conditions, the time of year, and the type of grass.  Our mowing service also includes string trimming around all buildings, utilities, swales and other areas not accessible to a mower.  All walkways, patios, decks, driveways and roadways will be blown clean of clippings and debris.  This service is performed weekly throughout the spring, summer and fall.


Lawns need regular fertilization to keep the grass growing and weeds out.  When done properly, it has a major impact on a lawns appearance.  This program provides four applications of fertilizer with weed control for all your established lawn areas.  This promotes root growth, aids in the recovery from foot and equipment traffic and pest damage, reduces and controls weeds, and replaces nutrients lost to leaching.  This service is performed 4-6 times a year.


To maintain a healthy lawn through periods of stress, the soil needs water, air and nutrients.  Lawn aeration is the process of mechanically removing soil plugs and small portions of thatch from the lawn.  This service relieves soil compaction, improves gas exchanges, and allows water and nutrient uptake directly to the grass.  This improves the roots ability to grow deeper into the soil and expand. Lawns that receive this care will be healthier, more vigorous and easier to maintain.  They also have fewer pest problems than lawns that are neglected.  This service takes place in the early fall as new root development is more prevalent at this time of year.  This service is performed 1-2 times a year.


Compost is applied to turf areas as a soil amendment to add organic matter, improve soil structure and add vitality.  Applying compost to your lawn adds slow release nutrients, increases water holding capacity and reduces the need for other inputs.  We apply compost with our bark blowing system.  This service can be performed once a year.


This service provides a detailed cleaning of all lawn and landscaped areas.  Removal of all leaf and stick debris, cutting back any perennials and annuals, and performing a final mowing to leave your lawn at an appropriate winter height is all included.  Our crews use high-powered backpack and push blowers to gather leaves into piles that will be removed by a special leave sucking truck.


Our full-service irrigation division will manage your irrigation system from spring to fall.  This service includes starting your system in the spring, water management throughout the changing seasons, and shutting your system down at the end of the fall.  We also perform system repairs, system retrofits, and system upgrades to smart-watering technology.


Everyone’s version of a pot of gold is different, but this is ours. Let our team of professionals provide an additional color punch to your property throughout all four seasons. From early spring bulbs, to spring and summer annuals, fall mums, winter greens and home decor, and seasonal lighting, we have you covered. Choosing the right annual is very important. Factors that need to include; soil moisture content, sun exposure, and the surrounding elements of your property. Let SLP select plants that will thrive in your landscape and ensure your annual color will produce eye catching results.

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